357 Project – Delivery #2

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357 Project – Delivery #2 D Bayou City Lodge #228
Houston, TX
MWPHGLOTXBrothers of the Craft, under the continued direction and leadership of Worshipful Master William Johnson, this note is to inform you we have completed the second installation of this Masonic Years 357 Project. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015, Bayou City Lodge #228 completed the Installation at the home of Ms. Whitfield.  She received an AC Unit, two (2) Box Fans and three (3) Smoke Detectors.  

The Brothers of Bayou City Lodge #228 in attendance for installation were SD Craig McLaurin and SS Priest Goss. Ms. Whitfield (84 years old), our second recipient, is a senior citizen in the early stages of dementia.

After her recent release from the hospital she has decided to spend most of her time in the front room of her home where the AC was installed. She and her daughter were extremely grateful and will benefit from the generous donation of the Craft.

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