Adopt a Block – Cleanup event (March 11, 2017)

Adopt a Block – Cleanup event
March 11, 2017 9 AM
TS 108 Brothers in Attendance: SD Albert Cunningham III and Rec. Nathan Cunningham

Greetings Brothers of True Square #108,

The morning of March 11, 2017, True Square Lodge # 108 PHA, initiated our quarterly “Adopt a Block” Community clean up. The brothers arrived at 9 AM with trash bags, gloves and breakfast. Brothers removed debris and other trash items from the designated block, and had an exciting time helping “Keep Houston Beautiful”. The cleanup initiative is a top priority of True Square and we will continue to build upon the event for the next clean up. That date is TBD.

Thank you, Brothers, for all that you do and continue to build!

I urge every brother to take advantage of the next clean up opportunity and support all future community cleanup and volunteer events.

Rec. Nathan Cunningham